Awning Range

We make a range of Awnings to suit any purpose

 There are various awning options available depending on your needs:

  • Budget Awning – Simple to erect this awning is made from lightweight poly fabric making it an ideal choice for short stays or if you just require some basic shade or weather protection.
  • Deluxe Awning – Made from a Heavy Duty canvas with a full steel frame designed to add walls later if you wish to convert to a full annexe.
  • Bag Awning – A great option for convenience and versatility. This awning is made from a durable White PVC and rolls back into the bag and remains on the van after each use. Great if storage is an issue. Comes in Standard (walls cannot be added) or Deluxe (Walls can be added).
  • Kitchen Awning – Designed to protect the Kitchen side of your Camper from the rain or sun and also provides extra privacy.
  • Bed End Awning – Specially made for Jayco Penguin Campers to protect ends from the weather and create extra privacy. (Pictured)