Find My Expanda Caravan Annex

The Expanda caravan is a full-height RV that can usually sleep up to nine, perfect for young families and those looking to upgrade from a camper trailer or purchase their first family caravan. They have large double beds, double or even triple bunks and an option to convert the slide-out club lounge into a bed for two more children, so the expanda range sure does do what it says.

This means that when you are looking for an Annex that is going to fit well and work with all the moving parts you might find on the Expanda range, something made for purpose is required. We’ve made so many variations now that depending on what you need in your living space, will determine the shape and features in your Annex, not 3 walls that attach.

Just click on the image that you connect with and let the imagination go wild, we can fit all  the below examples to your Expanda, or if you are looking for something more specific to your requirements, call us or submit an inquiry below the gallery.