Find My Full size Caravan Annex

Often described as the royalty of the caravan world, as well as the caravan with the most versatility or options for when it comes to the range of Annexes that you can choose.

The full caravan really does present the ability to have two living spaces, the indoors and then the alfresco style living that your annex will provide, a place to spend the warm summer evenings, shade on hot summer days or even a place that allows you to enjoy a heavy rain pour while staying dry and save under the annex(not to mention keeping all your outdoor furniture out of the rain).

No matter what you are dreaming, it’s likely we can make it happen, we will be able to create a living space that allows you privacy, space to entertain and security from all conditions.

Just click on the image that you connect with and let the imagination go wild, we can fit all  the below examples to your Royal Caravan, or if you are looking for something more specific to your requirements, call us or submit an inquiry below the gallery.