Find My JPod Caravan Annex

J-Pods are a lightweight trailer perfect for couples or single travellers  that can be towed behind your average sedan or small SUVs.

The J-Pod Annex is a unique design that was dreamt up by Adam, our lead Annex designer. After we had a customer come to us with the desire for a little more space to live in, Adam put pen to paper. Since then our J-Pod Annex, has become a very popular addition, providing an excellent addition of living space, to what was a compact camper. This means you can have all the towing flexibility of a quick way, but if staying put for a few days, you can now have a place to enjoy no matter what the weather.

Just click on the image that you connect with and let the imagination go wild, we can fit all  the below examples to your J-Pod, or if you are looking for something more specific to your requirements, call us or submit an inquiry below the gallery.